Colorado Center for Animal Pain Management LLC

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Longmont, CO 80501


Is your dog in pain? Does he or she limp? Have trouble running, jumping, climbing stairs, or even rising from a position of rest? Cower or growl when touched? Seem unhappy and uncooperative?


Any number of painful conditions cause pets to slow down, sit differently, even lose their interest or ability to play. Like their human companions, pets need not live with pain. Some examples of painful conditions we treat include:

• Arthritis and hip dysplasia pain

• Back pain

• Cancer-related pain

• Internal disease pain

• Trauma pain

• Postsurgical pain

• Chronic pain of an unknown or questionable origin 

A healthy dog is a playful dog. Unfortunately, pain takes the play out of millions of dogs every year. Our advanced understanding of pain – its causes, symptoms and treatments – has helped thousands of pets back on their paws and out walking, running and playing again.

Arthritis is the most common form of chronic pain in dogs today and the biggest reason dogs slow down as they age. Through medical management and advanced therapeutic techniques we can help control the pain of arthritis, restoring the willingness to play and slowing progression of the disease.