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Clinical Investigations 

A clinical investigation is also referred to as a clinical trial.  A clinical trial  is a study of animals (volunteered by their owners) to help answer specific health questions.

Colorado Center for Animal Pain Management's "volunteer" animals are comprised predominantly of patients receiving care in our clinic, in conjunction with CU Boulder's department of Psychology and Neuroscience.  Some patients are also recruited from other veterinary practices and organizations.

Carefully conducted clinical trials are the safest and fastest way to find new and improved treatments that work to increase pain control.

Our goal and primary focus in conducting clinical trials is to assist with the development and advancement of new therapies in every aspect of companion animal pain management.



Patient / Owner BenefitPatients often benefit from participation in clinical trials by receiving innovative treatment modalities, thus potentially increasing their pain control. 

Owners benefit by receiving free diagnostic testing and therapies. 


Before joining a clinical trial, a patient must qualify for the study.  Each study has its own set of criteria.  Owners must be willing to come back periodically for follow up care and evaluation of their pets.  Owners, with pets in studies, play a more active role in their pet's health care, gain access to new treatments before they are widely available, and can help other pets. 



Our Research History Colorado Center for Animal Pain Management has been conducting trials since 2012. Dr. Landry has been involved in clinical trials since 2009.   We are the only pain management practice in the Front Range region dedicating significant amounts of time and resources to this important endeavor. Our trials and investigations are sponsored by a variety of organizations.

If you are interested in having your pet participate in a research study, please call us at 303-             .  Our staff can inform you if we are currently conducting an investigation that would be beneficial to your pet's needs. 

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