Colorado Center for Animal Pain Management LLC

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COLORADO CENTER FOR ANIMAL PAIN MANAGEMENT  was established to help your pets live life to the fullest.  Our pain management guidelines will improve the recovery process, whether from illness, surgery or injury.  Best of all, because it reduces stress and increases a sense of well being, pain management may even help your furry friend live longer.   A multi-modal approach is more effective.

PAIN an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with actual or

   potential tissue damage.... 

...May be acute or chronic.  

...Recognition is difficult in veterinary patients due to the inability to verbally communicate         

Animals experiencing pain may exhibit certain distinct behaviors and may have deviations in normal physiologic variables

Once diagnosed, pain should be treated promptly and the success monitored on a frequent basis*

Treatment of pain can be considered successful if the degree of pain does not prevent an animal from engaging in relatively normal activities, such as eating, sleeping, ambulating, grooming, and interacting with other members of its species or its care givers.

Decreased pain leads to a better physiologic state and better healing.  It's good medicine